Custom Tied Saltwater Fishin​g Flies


8wt through 10wt rod, matching large arbor reel and the fly line depends on the type of fishing you are doing. I like WF/F line because I can tie on a twelve foot sinking leader to get to the bottom with a Clouser fly so it's a duel purpose for me. Stripping basket, eye wear and don't forget protection for your skin.

Matching flies with Prey

Whether it's surface, midwater or bottom dwellers. Anchovies, Bunkers, Crabs and Shrimp flies work well. Present sound (strike strip), profile (shape), and then color to the zone in conjunction with location, tide and time EQUALS SUCCESS.

Location, Tide and Time

Location pocket, cuts or bowls that hold baitfish. Low tide is really good time to find these areas where bait fish would be held up; almost everything is exposed. My best time to fish is two hours before high tide and lows and early in the morning or just before sunset..


Presentation is perhaps the most important factor in catching gamefish on a fly...

Welcome to NJ Saltwater Flies

Some of the most innovative fly tiers live here in the North East and their patterns fished correctly will produce fish.

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