Custom Tied Salt & Freshwater Fishin​g Flies

We Believe

 NJ Saltwater Flies contributes to the sport of fly fishing through the design and innovative fly tying for the use in both fresh and saltwater.

My name is Harold L. Eckett from New Jersey. I am a Saltwater Fly Tier and part of the Regal Vise Pro-Staff, manufacturers of the world’s best fly tying vises and accessories. The materials that I like to work with are both natural and synthetic fibers which brings the fly not only a realistic look but great action in the water.

My outside interest include working with Hero's on the Water as volunteer, instruction and teaching others the talent, donations to charities and looking for new and innovative ideas in regards to perfecting the perfect fly.​​

Check out the site, if you have any questions please go to contacts and send me an email I will get back to you soon. 

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